Balsan Futura

Vario Jet mat:

W2000 mat:


Balsan Futura – Vitaplus Hydrotherapie is a professional device for bubble bath with ozone, in which the world’s greatest achievements in physical medicine were used and a strictly controlled, therapeutic dose of ozone was guaranteed. It allows you to make a methodical therapeutic massage and comprehensive biological renewal. It is widely used in home, sanatorium and hospital rehabilitation.


Balsan Futura implements 10 basic massage programs. The intensity of stimuli on the body increases gradually from program 1 to 10. The choice of program depends on the health and physical condition of the user. Each program is assigned one of 4 types of intervals regulating the intensity of massage (on a scale from 1 to 12) and the duration of the treatment (from 1 to 30 minutes). Each user can additionally freely program the device according to their expectations, age and health condition. The aggregate panel and the remote controller (remote control) are used for this purpose. The Balsan Futura device is multigenerational. For small children pearl baths are a great pleasure, they prevent and heal skin lesions, eliminate colic and bloating, facilitate falling asleep and support the treatment of many diseases, eg children’s cerebral palsy. In older children, oxygenating massage improves concentration and physical fitness support the treatment of ADHD. For young and healthy people, treatments improve metabolism, prevent obesity, diseases of the spine and joints, and circulatory problems, improve physical and mental condition.

Elderly and ailing patients, pearl baths with the use of ozone are particularly recommended in the treatment of:

  • metabolic diseases (obesity, diabetes, gout)
  • degenerative diseases of the spine and joints,
  • peripheral vascular lesions (macro- and micro-varicose veins, phlebitis, capillary fragility),
  • hypertension and hypotension,
  • women’s diseases (menopause)
  • neurological diseases (strokes, stroke, SM, Alzheimer’s, depressions, epilepsies, neuralges, migraines)
  • skin diseases, including pressure ulcers and eczema,
  • respiratory diseases (asthma)

A special Reflex set for foot, calf and hand massage. It consists of a bath tub and a small mat with a special structure, through which flows the warm air, carried out intense mechanical massage of the limbs, strong oxygenation of tissues and arterial blood as well as reflexive massage. The baths improve peripheral circulation, eliminate swellings, support the treatment of non-healing wounds, make the muscles, tendons and ligaments more elastic, and intensively disinfect the skin and blood (bacterial and fungicidal activity of ozone). Reflexology massage of the feet and calves supports the function of the brain and the treatment of many neurological diseases. Foot and calf massage is especially applicable in diseases:

  • neurological (strokes, strokes, paresis, paralysis).
  • difficult to heal diabetic wounds (diabetic foot)
  • peripheral circulation disorders (cold feet)
  • The therapeutic effect of pearl massage can be increased by adding preparations containing active substances to the bathing water, which intensively penetrate the blood into the bloodstream through the bath, supplying the body with healing substances and building material outside the digestive system.

We would like to inform you that since 2017, our company LEAER Mieczysław Marciniak has been the owner of the technology, trademark, patents, production line and production line. The produced model Balsan Futura – Vitaplus Hydrotherapie is identical to the model produced by HMF GmbH Germany. At present, the Balsan Futura device is offered with a flexible bath mat Vario Jet type, widely used in German sanatoriums as well as in Switzerland and Austria. From September 2018, Balsan Futura sets with DUO-4 and W 2000 matts will be available in Poland, Germany, England, France and Russia.