The SANA Plus TRL mattress with roller massage type PARADISO consists of a massage mattress, a remote control, an AC adapter and storage and transport bags. The Sana Plus TRL mattress performs a complete back massage using 24 massage elements with a roller massage combined with a compression movement. The Sana Plus TRL mattress also allows you to perform kneading massage (patting) with an individual choice for each zone of the body. It also allows you to implement heat therapy through the installed system of heating the mattress’s back in the part massaging the lumbar spine. Sana Plus TRL uses reflex gaps and segmented innervation in the implementation of rehabilitation and prophylactic functions. By relaxing the paraspinal muscles and relaxing, it prevents the formation and deepening of dysfunctions of the motor organs. The SANA PLUS TRL mattress has the status of a medical device.


Complete back massage using 24 massage elements with a roll massage combined with a compression movement on the length of 62 cm


  • 8 engines for general body massage and concentrated massage 4 body zones
  • roller and tapping massage
  • 6 massage programs
  • 4 levels of intensity (strength) of the massage
  • the function of heating the back and spine with or without massage
  • starting and changing all functions using the remote control


The pressure movement combined with the Paradiso roller massage brings relaxation, relaxation and loosening of the entire back.


  • 24 massage elements with constant and strong rolling up and down movement over a length of 62 cm combined with a strong pressure effect.
  • The massage covers the entire back along the spine area causing relaxation of tense muscles.
  • The Paradiso S-24 system used in the Sana Plus mattress provides relief for the back, spine and intervertebral discs through variable pressure combined with a gentle expansion and the effect of stretching the muscles.
  • The wavy path of the S-24 system is helpful in mobilizing spinal joints.


Extremely helpful pulses in the support of treatment and the consequences of neurological disorders – inducing the release of nutrients of the brain and peripheral nerves and improving the functions of the cerebellum in the wired-coordinating-control routes of the motorways to and from the brain, important in restoring motor coordination – are the massage – vibratory impulses about 3.5-7.5 Hz frequencies triggered by the device, used in programs 1-3 of the SANA PLUS TRL device.